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Plant Love Naturals™ has the highest-level certification available in the Hemp world today. We are tracked, tested, and verified in all aspects from seed to bottling. Our purity & quality guarantee is backed by the USDA seal. Our Foundation is built around our organic commitment as well as our high-quality and potency standards.

Our Products

Everyday Balance
Youthful Glow
Relief & Recovery
On-The-Go Recovery
Sore No More
Skin Drink
Lip Balm
Sweet Dreams
Resurface & Renew

Our Hemp Terpenes

When you want the most out of your hemp products, you save the terpenes & cannabinoids, you don’t isolate the chemical and expect to get the same results as you will with a full spectrum product. To date, we are the only company doing this and we do this organically. It’s our BIG secret and you are the beneficiary! Once you try Plant Love, you will almost immediately feel the difference.

Our Farm

With a team of experts, we’ve found the best in the business to sustainably farm and extract Plant Love Naturals’ hemp extract.  Our small farm partner proudly practices USDA Certified Organic Hemp farming. Our farm is located in Colorado where we have hot summers and cold winters, ideal conditions for growing hemp.  They continue to advance their practices through researching and performing studies that help companies and consumers better understand the far-reaching potential of the hemp plant.  Using Certified Organic farming practices, testing for potency & purity, heavy metals and residual pesticides/herbicides are all key practices to ensuring you have the cleanest and most therapeutically beneficial hemp available.

Our Process

Follow the process of our quality product starting at the most nurtured seed to the state-of-the-art extraction method

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