When you want the most out of your hemp products, you save the terpenes & cannabinoids, you don’t isolate the CBD, and expect to get the same results as you will with a full spectrum product. Problem is, this is not easy to do…terpenes burn off quickly under normal distillation and extraction. Not only do we go way further in our extraction method to preserve terpenes, but we also add them back in after distillation! To date, we are the only company doing this and we do this organically. It’s our big secret and you are the beneficiary! Once you try Plant Love, you will almost immediately feel the difference.


Terpenes are the most underrated compounds found in the hemp plant, which is why we made it a priority to include them in our full-spectrum CBD extracts. What exactly are terpenes? In hemp plants, they are half-siblings to CBD, occurring and working together in the glandular sacks of the plant. Simply put, terpenes magnify the effects of CBD, but even on their own, they deliver powerful benefits.

Terpenes are the compounds that give plants their strong and soothing aromas while protecting against bacteria, fungus, insects, and other environmental stressors. The benefits are just as pertinent to our health. When applied topically through a plant love’s skincare, terpenes known as linalool, eucalyptol, geraniol, and beta-caryophyllene work with multiple cannabinoids to target receptors located throughout the dermal layers of our skin. This method of application not only repairs, restores, and protects the skin but also delivers pain-modulating, anti-bacterial benefits to every cell in the body. And that’s not all. Both terpenes and CBD work together at specific “docking ports” in the brain and on white blood cells to address specific functions in the body, such as stress, sleep, soreness, and general wellbeing. Terpenes are easily destroyed when processing hemp into a CBD extract, which is why we went a step further and added them back into our products. Our proprietary terpene blend brings you power-packed CBD products with serious results.